St. Peterís by the Sea Lutheran Church

Building Forum Renovation Plans


St. Peterís by the Sea is a place to worship and a place of fellowship for all. The church is on a beautiful site where all can see Godís work simply by looking over at the ocean. It is in this building that we gather together, pray together and welcome all so therefore we must care for this building that brings so much to so many.

This restoration and renovation project will provide new and inviting access into our facilities and especially the worship space; it will make access within our building easier for all, including improved access to and within new enlarged and reconfigured restrooms; it will provide a new narthex area where we can assemble before worship to greet one another; it will provide additional and improved areas for fellowship and conversation after the service. Including new landscape to be drought tolerant to respect the earth as well as encourage new people to join us.

Along with this will be restoration work of the existing building, preschool and church office buildings. Replacing windows where needed to be more energy efficient and secure; repair of stained glass windows as needed. Replace, repair and repaint where needed including woodwork. Exterior stucco will be repaired and color coated.

It is because of our beautiful site where God has done such beautiful work we must improve, maintain and preserve what has been put into our care. This will all be beneficial for us; it will give us new opportunities to express our love for one another, old friends and new acquaintances, and through that expression, our love for the Lord our God. In a very real sense a renewed and inviting facility will be effective in reaching out to our community with the message of Godís love and the Gospel.

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This is the floor plan of the proposed changes.† Click on the image to see a higher resolution version.


This is an artistís rendition of the new main entrance immediately outside the new main doors.† Click on the image to see a higher resolution version.


This is an artistís rendition of how the changes to the main entrance fit in with the rest of the building.† Click on the image to see a higher resolution version.